Phishing scam targets Amazon and Netflix customers

A phishing scam is targeting Netflix and Amazon.

HOUSTON – Nobody wants to get all ready to Netflix and chill, only to discover your Netflix account has been disabled.

The latest phishing scam takes advantage of that fear. Scammers are sending our emails that appear to be from Netflix, asking you to update your current billing information. If you click on any of the links in the email, you are giving up your personal information, possibly even opening the door to spyware on your device.

There are several similar phishing scams using the Amazon logo. One of them claims your Amazon order has been canceled due to fraudulent activity. They provide a link where you can supposedly verify your account. If you get one of these, hit delete. It’s not Amazon. If you want to report those emails, the real Amazon wants to hear about them. You can send the phishing email to

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