‘Your minivan is not magical’: Judge Lina Hidalgo urges people to continue to stay home

Judge Lina Hidalgo gives an update on Beta. (KPRC 2)

HOUSTON – Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo held a news conference Tuesday where she said the area is in for a longer period of severe weather.

People should expect the weather to last until about midday Wednesday.

Bands have caused flooding in several areas, and a new band of rain could form and cause more issues of it hits an area that has already gotten a lot of rain, Hidalgo said.

“Anytime between now and when the storm moves away ... we could see a new band of rain form that could cause flooding to structures,” Hidalgo said. “If we have a new band in an area that has already seen a lot of rain (or) if we have a new band in an area that can’t take as much rain, that could cause flooding.”

Hidalgo said the county is continuing to monitor water levels. She said there have been preliminary reports of residential flooding near Clear Creek. Hidalgo also confirmed there are no releases to Addicks nor Barker Reservoirs.

“Any areas of flooding east of the reservoirs is due to high rain,” Hidalgo said. “There is plenty of capacity in the reservoirs, so that’s not an issue at this time.”

The judge asked county residents to continue to be vigilant, to stay off the roads and if you have to drive, to not drive around barricades.

“Your sedan is not a submarine. Your minivan is not magical, so stay off the roads right now and make sure you do so until the threat passes,” Hidalgo said. “I know a lot of people in Harris County have some great trucks, but your destination is not worth your life (or) the life of the first responder that is going to have to come and rescue you.”

Monitor the forecast because conditions can change very quickly. Hidalgo said people can go to ReadyHarris.org to get up-to-date information about weather, flood conditions, traffic, bayou levels and more.

Watch the full news conference below:

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