Holocaust Museum Houston hosts U.S. premiere of Mandela: Struggle for Freedom

Guests can see exhibit for free during Human Right Expo on Sept. 26

HOUSTON – The Holocaust Museum Houston is hosting the U.S. premiere of Mandela: Struggle for Freedom.

The exhibit takes visitors through a human rights movement that changed history and immerses guests into an interactive, hands-on experience focused on renowned human rights leader, Nelson Mandela and his decades-long fight for justice and human dignity in South Africa.

“We’ve waited nearly two years to hose this extraordinary exhibit,” said Dr. Kelly J Zuniga, CEO of Holocaust Museum Houston. “The fight for social justice and human rights is not over, as witnessed from recent unrest in the U.S. and around the world. While many young people have never heard of apartheid, the movement behind Mandela spread across nations. This exhibition shares an important piece of global human rights history, so its lessons can reverberate today with a new generation.”

The Mandela: Struggle for Freedom exhibition is open until Jan. 3, 2021.

The exhibit was developed by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in partnership with the Apartheid Museum in South Africa. It debuted in Canada and Houston is the first stop in the United States. The exhibition in Houston was sponsored by Wells Fargo.

“It is an honor, and we’re very, very proud, and it is integral to our mission here at the Holocaust Museum Houston,” Zuniga said. “The human rights movement actually came out of the Holocaust...because of the Holocaust being so horrific that people didn’t, of course, want to repeat that ever again. As a result, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was formed in 1946, so we have an exhibition talking about that history, but also we focus on individuals, upstanders, people that made a difference in fighting for human rights and Nelson Mandela is someone that is featured.”

What to expect to learn