'I was just stunned’: Couple targeted in road rage shooting in northeast Houston

Three Rounds Fired Into Car

HOUSTON – Twenty-one-year-old Stanley quit his warehouse job at Amazon a few months ago because he was worried about catching COVID-19. It never occurred to him he would be dodging bullets in his new job.

He signed on as a delivery man for the Pizza Hut restaurant at 942 Federal Road and was coming back from a delivery Sunday night when he almost overran the store’s driveway and had to hit the brakes hard.

The driver in the car behind him got mad.

“He said I was brake checking him,” Stanley said. “He pulled out a gun and flashed it. I told him to put it away. As soon as I told him to put it away he just started shooting at me.”

The gunshots were so startling, that for a minute, Standley said he didn’t know what to do.

“I was just stunned. I didn’t know what to do. I stood there while he was still shooting. I was just standing still in shock,” he said.

But even in the shock of the moment, his first thought was for his girlfriend, who was laying in the back seat. The gunman couldn’t see her through the tinted windows.

“She was on this side when it happened, near where the bullet went in. It’s actually still stuck in the seat,” he said.

Realizing no one was hit, he followed the car for a short time trying to get a license number he turned that over to police.

On Monday, he thought about how lucky he and she were during that brief and violent encounter.

“I just was happy I was still living and I didn’t get hit with a bullet,” he said.

Stanley described his assailant as a Hispanic man, about 6′1 inches tall, with tattoos on his arms. Police have a license number and description of the car, but still have not identified a suspect.