Here are the video doorbells that put you and your family at risk

Is your doorbell at risk of getting hacked?

HOUSTON – Millions of homeowners use video doorbells for added security, but the technology may actually put you at greater risk of getting hacked.

Consumer Reports tested 24 video doorbells to find out which are the safest and what you can do to make your system harder for hackers to get through.

Two-Factor Authentication

Changing the default user name and password your video doorbell comes with and setting up 2-factor authentication is the best thing you can do to harden your system from hackers. Even if hackers get your password, they won’t be able to get into your system. Consumer Reports found only five brands of video doorbells that offer two-factor authentication.

Consumer Reports says these doorbells are most vulnerable because they expose email addresses, passwords and wifi names and passwords:

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