14 Houston-area churches convert into learning centers to help HISD students

HOUSTON – For 155 years, parishioners have been coming to the Trinity United Methodist Church to worship.

But starting Tuesday, dozens of Houston Independent School District elementary school students will come to learn and attend school virtually through a program called “Sanctuaries of Learning.”

“We are basically turning these churches into schools… by making them this positive, healthy, safe, uplifting environment where our kids can go and get what they need to learn,” said Rev. Jill Daniel, with the United Methodist Church.

At Trinity and eventually, within weeks, 13 other United Methodist Churches, every student will be provided with a laptop computer, a powerful WIFI connection to their schools virtual learning system, free breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack and they will be supervised by specially screened, volunteer, student helpers.

The program is a partnership between HISD and the United Methodist Church and is designed to help parents who have to work away from home and can’t stay home and help their kids virtually learn.

It’s also for those kids who don’t have access to a laptop computer and an internet connection.

“This week we start with seven churches and that will be handling just under 400 children and then next week we hope to add another seven churches and another 400 kids,” Jill Daniel said.

To enroll your children in this program you have to contact your child’s HISD elementary school directly.

Ask to speak to the school’s “turn-around-director” or ask to speak with one of the assistant principals.

If you would like to donate your time as a volunteer to help supervise these students, or you would like to make a donation of a laptop computer or school supplies, you can email Reverend Jill Daniel at jdaniel@txcumc.org.

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