Some of the items Houston-area residents say they’re still struggling to find amid the pandemic

FILE - This July 15, 2011, file photo shows Clorox brand products line the shelf of a supermarket in the East Village neighborhood of New York. A handful of companies are rising to new highs even as stock markets around the world tumble on worries about a rapidly spreading virus. Clorox is close to an all-time high after jumping Monday, Feb. 24, 2020, amid expectations that more homes and hospitals will use its disinfecting wipes, for example. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File) (AP2011)

We put the question “What items do you continue to have trouble finding in stores since the start of the pandemic?” to Houston-area residents and what we got back were hundreds of responses, ranging from the expected, namely Clorox Wipes and Lysol Disinfectant Spray, to the, well, less than. A couple residents are struggling to find lemonade and another can’t get her hands on caffeine free Coca-Cola.

Here are ten of the items Houston-area residents said they’re still struggling to find:

Disinfecting Wipes

“WIPES, but I use baby wipes and pour some Pin-Sol or Fabuloso in it to clean as a wipe NOT ON BABIES to clean house.” - Jovita Vigil

“Lysol And sanitizing wipes Blows my mind that we can go to space but can’t get these necessities in the middle of a pandemic. After all of these months!!!!!” - Lanita Laskoskie

“Disinfectant wipes and sprays. Love when the stores have signs limit 2 . There’s never any there. Haven’t seen ant since April.” - Joan Aubin Peterson

Lysol spray

“Lysol spray or even generic disinfectant sprays.” - Marilyn Maynard

“Disinfectant spray. Had to ask a friend who works at Walmart to keep it for me😂” - Sarah Qadri

“Lysol spray.. last bought in March !!” - Yolanda Diaz

“I haven’t seen the Lysol or Clorox white since the pandemic started.” - Holly Macmullan


“Dumbells...can’t find them in stores. You’ll find them online being sold at exaggerated prices.” - Rach Mwangi Ndeto


“Lemonade! As crazy as it may seem I have had a hard time finding lemonade for over a month at Walmart and Kroger.” - Mona Chilton

“Mona Chilton , you are SOOOO right! We’ve been searching the cans of Minute Maid 5 for months.” - Katie Elofson

Canned Italian tomatoes

“Canned Italian tomatoes. Weird that they’re hard to find. Maybe they’re part of a sanitizing method I’ve never heard of 🤣🤣.” - Rosemary Kay Watson

Caffeine Free Coca-Cola

“Caffeine Free Coke. Apparently, Coca-Cola is not making it due to covid. They can make caffeine free Diet Coke, but not regular Coke. 😡” - Leah Gray

Chest freezer

“A chest freezer. I’ve been looking since March. I have to wonder, are they still making them??” - Bob Wawrzyniak

Canning supplies

“Home canning supplies and Dawn dish washing varieties.” - Glenda Yaden Jones

Formula 409

“I can’t find Formula 409 anywhere right now 😏🙄” - Sherri Barnhill Davis

Hot Pockets

“Clorox wipes, noodles, & hot pockets.” - Brii Ingram

“Hot pockets at Kroger and Sam’s. 😒 Had to pay extra at Randall’s.” - AnnaBelle Blanco


What are you struggling to find amid the pandemic? Are there any difficult-to-find items you didn’t expect would be in such short supply? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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