Stolen mail discovered after man arrested in case involving stolen truck in northwest Harris County

Man finds his stolen truck full of stolen mail

HOUSTON – A suspect was arrested early Wednesday morning after a victim who had his truck stolen tracked the vehicle down and called police.

Michael Bolduc was also recording when Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s deputies showed up to the hotel parking lot where he found it.

Investigators said after making the arrest, they also discovered several pieces of stolen mail.

“It will carry a federal offense with it. It is a federal crime to steal people’s mail. So, it’s a lot more serious than people think it is,” said Assistant Chief Deputy Toby Hecker with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office.

Bolduc’s truck was stolen from the Champions Arbor subdivision in northwest Harris County. Surveillance video from the subdivision showed two people going from home to home checking mailboxes around the same time that the truck was stolen.

Neighbors finding it both troubling & upsetting.

“I saw some mail, just some random-looking mail sitting on my neighbor’s lawn and it was just scattered. It just wasn’t an ordinary scene,” described John Bailey, a resident of the neighborhood.

Investigators believe the case may have been a crime of opportunity, although they’re still warning residents to always be vigilant and check their mail. Many in the neighborhood are just thankful someone is now behind bars.

“Mail theft is always a serious thing. But nowadays, I feel like it should be taken much more seriously,” said Gaha Syed, another neighbor.

“Hopefully they press charges and this guy gets settled because what he did wasn’t right, that’s for sure,” Bolduc said.

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