Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees vote to delay in-person learning

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – On Wednesday night the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees voted to ask the TEA for a four-week extension for online learning.

According to the district, this will allow for more time to phase in face-to-face learning.

Beginning Sept. 28, elementary students would be phased in by grade levels for face-to-face instruction. A secondary phase-in the following week would then include middle and high school students in phases. The process of phasing in students would be completed by Oct.12.

Superintendent Charles Dupre said the approach would keep safety in mind during the transition from online learning, especially for younger students.

“They need to learn how to be in the school and be with others and interact and now it’s going to have to be with masks during a pandemic,” Dupre said. “They will have to understand the health and safety protocols, and they will just need more time.”

Parents will now be able to decide if they want to continue with online learning or opt for face-to-face. Parents have until Sept. 8 to make a final decision

Many families and students told KPRC 2 they want to go back to the classroom.

“Hundred percent they need to go back to school,” said Kristy Donaldson, of Sugar Land.

Donaldson’s oldest daughter, Chole, is a student at First Colony Middle School. Her two youngest daughters, Leah and Madelyn, are home-schooled.

“It’s a lot it’s a lot of stress on the families you’ve got working parents and school is a safe place for a lot of kids I think it’s so important for them to be back in school,” she said.

KPRC 2 caught up with the Donaldsons as they were taking a break from virtual learning on Thursday.

“I actually do like to home school but I am missing my friends. I don’t want to leave my mom,” Leah said.

“I feel like I just want to go back to school because I feel like I don’t learn properly at home. I feel like I learn better at school when I’m being taught by my teachers,” Madelyn said.

“I agree these teachers are doing an absolutely amazing job it’s not the same for the children they need to be learning they need to be hands-on they need to be seeing they need to be touching they need to be playing and that’s what we are lacking right now in our world,” Kristy Donaldson said.

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