Klein ISD students, teachers take part in simulation school day

KLEIN, Texas – Klein ISD organized a simulation day for teachers and students on Wednesday, ahead of the first day of school next week.

“I think the kids are just so happy to be back, that was surprising because I thought they’d be a little scared with their masks and things are different, but they were so positive,” said first-grade teacher Sarah Wahlquist.

There is still a week before classes begin, but children and teachers were back in the classrooms and wearing their masks.

“Only challenge today was they wanted to give me a big hug. That was really hard, so I just said, ‘air hug, air hug,’” said Wahlquist.

It was a district-wide simulation day with both on-campus and virtual learning.

“This is new. We’ve never done it before. It’s like a first-year for every single teacher and so we really felt it was critical to have this time to practice,” said Principal Holly Mason at Mahaffey Elementary.

Around Mahaffey Elementary, signs reminded children about wearing masks and social distancing.

Markers on the ground ensured students split hallways and plastic cups covered the water fountains.

The district planned to install new water fountains to fill water bottles instead.

At every door, hand sanitizer was available for the students.

Coaches even gave every student a dab of sanitizer walking into gym class.

Klein ISD said they’re committed to keeping teachers and students safe.

“(I’m) just very excited to have the opportunity to see all these health and safety protocols that we’ve put in place in action, today and looking forward to Tuesday when we start the school year officially together,” said Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown.

The first day of school was scheduled for Sept. 8.

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