Storm surge cleanup underway at Treasure Island near San Luis Pass after

HOUSTON – Just past the waves crashing along the shore near the San Luis Pass, a familiar sound of cleanup was underway at Treasure Island.

“We had it go in our garage and our workshop, but we had already moved everything up, said Jim Weathers, a Treasure Island resident. “So basically we escaped and dodged a bullet.”

Weathers chose to ride out the storm from his home high above the surge. While his property faired well, others weren’t so lucky.

”My neighbor over here, he didn’t think it was it would get that deep. He left his truck and two cars. All three were flooded last night,” he said.

Treasure Island resident Kelly Carter returned to his home to see that everything was also fine but admits he was worried.

“We got some things that floated up under our house,” Carter. “We have no idea where they came from. We’re just lucky that everything is in good shape.”

Although the water is going down quickly, another concern for residents is the sand dunes that have washed away.

Residents said their biggest fear is what will happen when the next system blows through.

“Every storm is worse and there’s not a plan to deal with the erosion,” Carter said.

”Those sand dunes and the rocks that have been put out there is what protected us from the tidal surges. And now, we have no protection on what would be the south end of our community,” Weathers said.

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