How Houstonians are helping hurricane survivors in Louisiana

HOUSTON – The food made at six Houston restaurants will soon be headed to Louisiana and areas hit hard by Hurricane Laura.

“We just feel like they helped us during Harvey so how do we return what they did for us,” said Ben McPherson, owner of BOH Pasta.

McPherson helped started a Facebook fundraiser to pay for the efforts.

“For every $5 donated, we’re going to create one meal that we’re going to take over to Louisiana to feed everybody,” he said.

The goal is to raise enough money for up to 2,400 meals. The food is for everyone, but especially fellow hospitality workers.

“Just having a nice meal while you have a lot of other things to worry about is just a nice, comforting thing,” said Steve Sharma, owner of El Big Bad.

El Big Bad is one of the businesses taking part. Others include Andes Café, Cherry Block and Margaux’s Oyster Bar.

“Many years ago during Harvey, we had some of our neighbors from Louisiana come down here and help us out so we wanted to return the favor,” Sharma said.

The online fundraiser had raised more than $6,300 as of Thursday night. McPherson said he plans to take the food to the Lake Charles area on Monday.