Houstonians prepare for storms headed toward Gulf Coast

HOUSTON – Grocery stores may be a little extra busy this weekend as people are watching two storms headed toward the Gulf Coast.

“I was watching the news last night and they just said that it’s the best time to stock up with some necessities,” said Christina Guerrero.

Some Houstonians were already getting prepared Friday morning.

“I got some water and some cereal for my brother,” said Guerrero.

Harris County leaders said it’s a perfect time.

“We’re coming into a weekend before hurricane season gets ramped up traditionally. This is a good time to get your supplies so you’re not rushing to the store,” said Francisco Sanchez with the Harris County Office of Emergency Management.

One couple said they made sure to come early.

“It was his day off and the sooner we get to the store and home, the better and just be home ready,” said Marissa.

“We’re beating the rush hour, before lunchtime, before people get here, it’s always good to be prepared,” said Angel Halborsen.

It’s especially important during the fight against COVID-19.

Leaders said you should also include hand sanitizer, bar soap, gloves and two face coverings for each person in your family over two years old.

Willie Anderson said he’ll be closely watching the forecast this weekend.

“We can’t use a storm that’s gonna shut the city down right now. That’s the way I’m looking at it. I’m just holding my breath for the next couple of days to see what happens,” said Willie Anderson.

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