HISD launches ‘Camp Spark,’ a 2-week free online camp for students

HISD launches 2-week free online camp for students

HOUSTON – The Houston Independent School District unveiled the plans for its “Camp Spark” which starts next week. Camp Spark is an HISD program designed to get students re-engaged as the district gets ready to start online learning on Sept. 8.

Camp Spark happens two weeks before the school year starts, every year. Usually, it’s in person but this year it’s virtual because of the pandemic. Educators say while it’s an adjustment, it won’t take away from the overall the excitement and enthusiasm.

At Camp Spark, there is something for everyone. From science, math and computers to dance, physical fitness and fine arts.

“It is energetic. because we want our parents and our students to see that although we’re in a virtual format, that academic rigor continues,” said HISD Interim Superintendent Dr. Grenita Lathan.

Incoming ninth-graders will take part in a boot camp to prepare them for high school. Tenth through twelfth-graders will participate in a college and career readiness course.

“I think we’ve gotten this wonderful gift to try something that we’ve never been able to do before. It’s kind of an experiment but I think we are going to be successful. I think there’s a lot of positive energy and movement around this,” said Trevor Buffone, a Bellaire High School Teacher.

If parents have questions or concerns about the upcoming school year, they can call HISD’s hotline. The number if 713-556-4636.

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