Investigation underway after multiple mail thefts from River Oaks post office mailbox

Theft investigation underway after mail goes missing in River Oaks area

HOUSTON – Missing mail is leaving U.S. Postal Service customers concerned in the River Oaks area.

Janet Meyer says in the past few months she’s had several pieces of mail disappear after dropping them off at the mailbox outside the post office in the 2800 block of Timmons Lane.

“This is a post office and it should be secure. I mailed our office rent check and a check for our copier and neither one of them have shown up yet,” Meyer said.

Others have reported a similar problem to KPRC 2. That’s why we reached out to USPS and the agency issued the following statement:

“While the U.S. Mail remains one of the most secure means of transmitting information, it also contains items that are attractive to thieves. The U.S. Postal Inspections Service takes all allegations of mail theft seriously. The USPIS is aware of mail theft incidents in the vicinity of 2802 Timmons Lane and is actively investigating the matter. If any customers have any information regarding these incidents, we ask that they contact the Inspection Service via our website at or by calling our hotline at 877-875-4485. If they believe their mail has been stolen, we suggest they file a report with the local police as well as the Postal Inspection Service by calling our hotline or visiting our website.“

“Personally, yes it is a concern. But if I do have very important stuff, I’ll just go walk in there and drop it inside,” said Trac Tran, another USPS customer.

“I mean if there’s an active investigation I wouldn’t be super concerned. I might take my things for the next few days,” said Mirandia Johnson, another customer.

Although Inspections Service gave no specifics on just how many thefts have occurred or how far back they date, Meyer says all she wants is for the investigators to get to the bottom of the issue.

“This post office has got some problems, but this is not right. That’s what I think this is not right,” said Meyer.

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