Thousands of Fort Bend ISD students on waiting list for learning centers due to short staff

SUGAR LAND, Texas – Learning centers in Fort Bend Independent School District are designed to help students with unique needs by providing a safe place for them to do their online learning with adult supervision. Priority is given to staff, first responders, essential workers, the homeless.

Dr. Charles Dupre, Ft. Bend ISD’s superintendent, said the plan to roll out and open these learning centers is not going as smoothly as he had hoped. The demand for a seat is so overwhelming due to the district having trouble getting the learning centers staffed.

More than 15,000 parents in the district requested seats but only 1,100 are available right now because of staffing issues. It means 4,000 to 5,000 students who are eligible and fit into the priority category are now on a waiting list. The district is looking into its pool of bus drivers, cafeteria workers and substitute teachers to fill those slots.

Because of the level of supervision that’s required and the time it takes to identify and screen potential candidates, Dupre said it could be a while before more centers open and he’s asking upset and angry parents to be patient.

Parents who’ve requested a seat for their child have until midnight to confirm, otherwise they lose the seat and district leaders will then start working their way down the waiting list.

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