Pearland ISD teacher under fire for ‘white slaves’ post

PEARLAND, Texas – The NAACP of Brazoria County has called on the Pearland Independent School District to give special needs teacher, Holly Hardwicke Kanipes, 57, diversity training before she gets back in the classroom.

They also want Kanipes to issue a public apology.

Kanipes is under fire for a Facebook post, which has since been deleted, that said “White slaves were treated worse than any other race in the US. When was the last time you heard an Irishman (expletive) how the world owes them a living. You won’t.”

Many people quickly commented, telling Kanipes she should not be a teacher.

Parent Dara Hooker-Williams said she was disappointed with the post but says this can be a teaching moment.

“No one is saying you can’t be wrong because we are all human, we’re all wrong every day but that you have knowledge (the) mistakes and try to learn from them,” Hooker-Williams said. “Honestly, I don’t want the woman to lose her job but I do want you to acknowledge you made a mistake.”

Eugene Howard, president of the NAACP of Brazoria County, said the post marginalized the African-American community in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, where communities are fighting for racial equality

“It was a highly inappropriate time to post that, let alone have that be your belief,” Howard said. “We have to stop marginalizing communities and finding a way of stop saying you’re better I’m worse, I’m worse you’re better, and start figuring out how to work together.”

Pearland ISD released the following written statement:

“The district administration received the educator’s apology for her personal social media post. This is a personnel matter and the district will work with the employee on training with our district Culturally Responsive Council.”

The NAACP has filed a grievance with the school, the school district has ten days to respond.

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