Save money: These things are all cheaper during the pandemic

Save money: These things are all cheaper during the pandemic
Save money: These things are all cheaper during the pandemic

HOUSTON – Groceries, water toys, gardening and home improvement items-- a lot of things we are buying more during the pandemic have gone up in price, but there are some ways you can save money right now.

Rather be Shopping blogger Kyle James cobbled together a list of 13 things that are actually cheaper during the pandemic.

Here are just a few:

Free workouts

Still paying your monthly gym membership even though you don’t feel comfortable working out there? Stay home and stream workouts for free. James recommends workouts from Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym and Tony Horton, the guy behind P90X.

Mortgage interest

“Just from a dollar perspective, I think looking at refinancing your mortgage can really save you a lot right now. Rates are at a record low,” explained James.


Clothing sales, both in-store and online, make it worth it to stock up now and even buy your children next year’s size to save. You can get 60% off at stores like Land’s End.

Free shipping

Many retailers that didn't offer free shipping before do now.

Sephora, Staples and Walgreens have all added the perk during the pandemic.

If free shipping isn’t offered, James says you should ask for it politely via live chat.

“A lot of times these live chat operators are just sitting there with a coupon code for free shipping ready to hand out to those who politely ask,” said James.

Free weekly credit report

If you’re trying to build your credit or just check your credit score, take advantage now. You can get a free credit report from the three major bureaus every week through April 2021. You can usually get one free report a year.


Circle K is giving all healthcare workers and first responders a free coffee, tea, or polar pop.

Download the McDonald’s app, and get a free medium fry every Friday when you spend just $1.

For other products and services that are cheaper during the pandemic, check out Rather be Shopping.

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