Widow of Fort Bend County deputy constable speaks about life without of husband, Caleb Rule

Deputy Constable Caleb Rule will forever be remembered as a dedicated husband and loving father whose mission in life was to serve and protect.

Eden Rule said the death of her husband has taken a toll on their family.

“Getting hurt or getting shot you hear those things and that’s just something you have to have in the back of your mind but in this situation, you’re not prepared for that,” Said Rule. “I had never even heard the term friendly fire before.”

Eden said she first met Caleb in 7th grade. The two started dating high in high school in what she called a fairy tale romance.

A love story that she said produced four beautiful children and was filled with laughter.

“His laugh was contagious because you were laughing at him and then you’d join in with the laughter,” said Rule.

Rule’s law enforcement career spanned 15-years.

Most recently he joined the Fort Bend County Precinct 4 Constables office.

He was on the force for about nine months when he was shot and killed while responding to a burglary call.

"It wasn't even his call, that wasn't even his jurisdiction. He shouldn't of been there but he was a few minutes down the road and he said hey I can check by, I can come help you out," Rule said.

An indictment alleges Fort Bend County Sheriffs Deputy Chadwick McRae caused rules death by firing his weapon in his direction without visually checking to see where he was shooting and instead just reacting to noise.

McRae has since been charged with criminal negligent homicide.

McRae’s first court appearance is scheduled for August 24th.

“I feel for both sides. I obviously have to be the voice for my husband and give him justice if justice is deemed worthy and necessary but I still have to hope the best for both sides,” Rule said.