HURRICANE HANNA PHOTOS: Houston-area residents share images of water on roads, dark clouds and rainbows

Residents took to social media on Saturday to show what Hurricane Hanna was doing in the Houston-area so far.

Outer rain bands moved through Southeast Texas throughout the day and there were moments of heavy downpours and brief gusty winds.

Those on social media posted photos of what the water and clouds in Galveston looked like and in Matagorda County the constable’s office shared that some water had made its way onto roads. But most on social media expressed gratitude that the hurricane did not hit the Houston area head on.

Here’s what things looked like in the Houston area:

Storms in Galveston.

Elevated high tide in Galveston.

The weather didn’t stop some people from going to the beach.

At least we got a rainbow.

Check out his rain gauge.

This was moving across northwest Houston.

Dark clouds covering the Houston area.

Some high water is being reported in the Houston area.

Storm surge is developing in Mustang Island.

Waves are moving in Galveston.

Angry waters near Seabrook.

The Galveston Ferry reporting things running as normal.

In Matagorda County, water made its way onto FM 457 and Sargent Beach.

Good morning. Here at FM 457 and Sargent Beach, the water has made it's way over the roadway pushing debris everywhere....

Posted by Matagorda County Pct. 6 Constable's Office on Saturday, July 25, 2020

A view of what it looks like from the 61st Street Pier account.

Another view near the 61st Street Pier.

A look at the water on Saturday morning in Galveston.

What the clouds looked like this morning in Galveston County.