Family gives away Astros masks to first-responders during pandemic; sells them to help non-profit

HOUSTON – A local family is helping during the pandemic and showing support for the Houston Astros.

From inside a room, with a couple sewing machines, fabric and thread, a family and volunteers sew masks.

“I think we’ve given away over 1,000 (masks), we lost track after 1,000,” said Nguyen Le. “She had over the years, stockpiled a bunch of Astros fabric.”

Their work began back in March.

“Just offering it free to the ER nurses and the doctors,” said Le. “And then police officers, firefighters and then we added grocery store workers.”

The requests started pouring in.

Le asked people to donate to the organization, Sunflower Mission.

“It’s a nonprofit and what they do is they build schools in Vietnam,” he said. “Just make a direct donation $10 a piece, send me the receipt, give me your address and then we’ll ship them out.”

Le has shipped them out as far as Germany.

“He was cool about it so he waited several weeks to a month until the post office started shipping again,” said Le.

The Le family is proving a mask can’t cover up love for the Houston Astros.

“We’re just happy to play a little, just a small part in all of this,” he said.

Le believes they’ve raised more than $10,000 for the Sunflower Mission.

To donate to the Sunflower Mission visit: https://www.sunflowermission.org/

To order a mask, visit: agswin.com.

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