Fort Bend County judge denounces “racist, anti-immigrant garbage,” pushing others to do the same

HOUSTON – Fort Bend County Judge KP George is calling Americans to stand up against anti-immigrant or racist comments.

“Stand up for your neighbors, your coworkers, and your children’s classmates,” George said in a Facebook post on Friday. “Stand up for Fort Bend, our nation’s most diverse County. In doing so, you’ll be standing up for a better future America, the land of the free and home of the brave.”

George’s request comes after an influx of “racist, anti-immigrant garbage” directed at George, his family and colleagues, which are shared primarily on social media.

“What has always made this country great is that anyone can come here and make something of themselves,” George said. “When I read some of these terrible comments online (a very small sample attached here), I realize they are coming from a place of deeply misplaced fear: fear that immigrants are “taking their jobs,” and they are “replacing real Americans” or setting out to hurt our own communities somehow.”

George said the decisions made in response to the COVID-19 crisis were not taken lightly but driven by medical and scientific research and community input.

“When someone criticizes my decisions that is their right as Americans. However, when people choose to hurl racist, anti-immigrant garbage at my family, colleagues, and me—that crosses a line,” he said.

George, a naturalized citizen who was elected in January 2019, said that he and his family are “privileged to be living the American Dream as imaged by our Founders and by immigrants who have long flocked to these shores in search of freedom and opportunity.”

“My naturalization certificate is something I hold very close to my heart,” he said.

George said he is an “American by choice with a deep and abiding passion for the values and opportunities that make this the greatest country on Earth.”

“America is stronger for having hardworking immigrants contribute meaningfully to this great experiment in democracy and freedom. America is and has always been a land of immigrants striving to realize an incredible vision of liberty and prosperity,” he said.

On Saturday, George told KPRC 2 his post was meant to stand up against hate. He is encouraging others to do the same.

”I’m not trying to attack anybody, but I’m just trying to call those people out and say that there is no place and no space for hate. And our children do not appreciate it; it’s not going to add any value to our children’s life and future generations,” he said.

George said he hopes to have conversations and dialogue with those who disagree with him.

”Let’s have a conversation. Let’s talk if you disagree with me. Let’s have a conversation about it,” he said.

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