Youth track coach battling COVID-19 receives outpouring of support

HOUSTON – A beloved youth track coach is currently fighting COVID-19. Northwest Flyers Track Club Coach Maurice Edwards was recently diagnosed and is now in the hospital, according to the team.

“As of today, most recently, he’s feeling a little bit better. We just hope he continues to make progress. He’s been a coach with us for about eight years. So we love him dearly and we really wish him Godspeed in his recovery,” said Pal Roach, the Senior Director of Northwest Flyers Track Club.

As the coach continues to recover, the club took to Twitter to not only inform their members of the latest but to also ask for get well wishes. The kind gestures have been well-received and are making a difference.

”Mission accomplished,” Roach said. “We’re blowing up his inbox and blowing up his text messages. He’s struggling a little bit, but he’s been really buoyed by this outpouring of support for him.”

The team is hopeful that the encouraging words will help get Edwards back out on the track.

“All of our coaches are valuable. He’s a really special person. He’s done some really special things for kids over the years. We are one big family. Families support everybody, and family helps everybody pull through,” Roach said.

If you’d like to send positive message to Edwards, send an email to

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