KIPP Texas Public Schools: What you need to know about the district’s 2020-2021 school year

KIPP Texas unveiled its reopening plan for the 2020-21 school year Tuesday afternoon.

The largest charter school system in Texas sent out a letter to parents with details about the new reopening plan, offering two instructional options for the fall: 100% on-campus or 100% virtual learning.

KIPP is also considering the option of starting school virtually for the first three weeks of the year and/or adding a delay that would extend the school year into June. The decision will come soon as school officials are evaluating and will provide an update in the coming weeks.

A YouTube video highlights what a typical day at KIPP will look like, including how desks will be spaced out to promote social distancing, how lunch will be served, and how teachers will greet students wearing personal protective equipment.

Start date:

August 17

List of measures in place:

  • Flexible learning alternatives: Parents and students have two options to choose from: 100% online or 100% on-campus instruction. A decision must be made on their SchoolMint account by July 22.
  • Masks: All staff, faculty and students, Pre-K through 12th grade will be required to wear masks on campus. KIPP will provide their own masks if needed. Students, staff and faculty are highly encouraged to bring their own masks on campus.
  • Social distancing: According to a YouTube video KIPP published, desks will be spaced six feet apart from one another. Students will also need to practice social distancing at the bus stop and while riding to school.
  • Temperature checks: All students, staff and faculty will undergo daily temperature checks prior to arriving on-campus every day.
  • Sanitization: Hand sanitizer stations will be installed in every classroom. Classrooms and buildings will be disinfected each day for the health and safety of everyone.
  • Schedule changes: Elementary school students will stay in one classroom with one teacher, while middle school students will stay in a classroom with rotating teachers. High school students will continue to change classes between each period as normal.
  • PPE: Teachers and staff will be wearing face shields and/or gloves every day.

Measures not in place:

  • Partitioning

Extracurricular activities:

KIPP has not announced any plans for extracurricular activities at this time and will provide an update soon.

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