Klein Independent School District: What you need to know about the district’s 2020-2021 school plans.

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With the new school year fast approaching in August, Klein ISD is set to share a comprehensive plan with parents about learning options.

Klein ISD will start virtually with their Klein Online program on August 19, the district said in an update to parents on their Roadmap to Reopening website.

The district added that students who selected face-to-face learning will start “no earlier than” September 9. They will also reassess reopening conditions for face-to-face students after August 24.

The district said students have the options of learning in-person or online and parents will have to update the child’s registration. The district says this year, parents are to decide which learning option the student will use by the extended date of July 31. The district is also seeking information regarding device and Wi-Fi access in homes.

The district said a collaborative group of district and campus leaders have worked on a Reopening Design Team since May to research and review all the national, state and local guidelines for a safe and successful reopening of schools.

Click here to take a peek at what Klein Online will look like this Fall.

Start date

Sept. 8