Houston family of gospel singers test positive for COVID-19 continues to spread message of God’s love

HOUSTON – One Houston family has spent years traveling the world singing and spreading the gospel until the COVID-19 pandemic changed their worlds. More than half of their family was sickened with COVID-19. Yet, the family believes it is their calling to spread hope and faith even while dealing with the virus first-hand. 

“It’s not just singing to us. It’s more than that. It’s us not only showing how God is real, but as we go through different tests, it’s for us to give it out to the world,” said Sabrina Freeman, who is one of seven children and her father Bishop Fed Jones Sr. is the leader of the Jones Family Singers. 

The Jones family uses their voices to carry a message of hope and spread God’s love all over the world. After COVID-19 hit, the family moved their talents online. Then, their father felt sick and tested positive for coronavirus.

“We were just trying to take care of him but before you know it this came to be,” Sabrina said.

Shortly after, three of Sabrina’s sisters -- Ernestine Ray, 56, Velma Freeman, 54, and Theresa Jones, 46 -- got the virus too.

Everyone except for Theresa was hospitalized.

“When I was brought in, I didn’t know the smell was so bad on the floor that I was on,” Sabrina said.

The time at the hospital was a struggle, Sabrina said. They were all alone, on different floors and in bad shape. Doctors feared Sabrina could get much worse. She said she became overwhelmed with fear and hopelessness. But, then the message from God became clear.

“I knew why I was there: to pray for everybody on that floor. I prayed that God would heal us all and prayed for the nurses and the doctors,” Freeman said.

With prayer, Sabrina said she and her sisters were able to go home to quarantine. Their father is the only one still at the hospital.

However, the family said they believe this is a way to show people their faith and to encourage others to keep fighting. 

“That God love is still real, he hasn’t left us alone...I’m proof. I just got out of the hospital,” Sabrina said.