2 juveniles arrested after their vehicle runs out of gas during high-speed chase, police say

Two juveniles were arrested after a high speed chase, police said.

HOUSTON – Two juveniles who led Houston police on a high-speed chase have been arrested. Police say they might be related to multiple robberies in the area.

Police said the incident began at around 4 a.m. on Friday. Officers said the juveniles, who were in a white Cadillac with expired tags, started from northwest Houston and went up 249, ended up on Jones, and then went up to Louetta over to the North Freeway. Police said they then sped down 45 and to the southeast side of town.

According to officers, speeds hit nearly 120 miles per hour during the hour-long chase. Police said the suspects eventually ran out of gas on the Gulf Freeway and Monroe. Officers said they were both quickly arrested. Police said they also discovered the vehicle was stolen.

All of the lanes of the freeway were shut down temporarily, but officers quickly moved the scene over to a nearby gas station. The white Cadillac that the juveniles were in was towed away.

Police said both juveniles will be charged with felony evading arrest, but more charges could be added.

This is a developing story.

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