Galveston makes parking changes along Seawall Boulevard due to COVID-19 pandemic

Seawall in Galveston (Saltwater Recon)

HOUSTON – The city of Galveston will make parking changes along Seawall Boulevard to ensure safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

The changes were made in response to overcrowding and to allow visitors to remain six feet apart.

Beginning Friday morning and continuing through the weekend, parking will be blocked on the north side of Seawall Boulevard between 25th Street and 37th Street, according to a press release.

Parking restrictions

Parking will be restricted at Diamond Beach, at the west end terminus of the Seawall near Cove View Blvd.

Parking will also be restricted at Fort San Jacinto, which is at the far east end of the Seawall.


Galveston beaches are presently open and a beach closure is not being considered at this time.

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