What parents should know about Clear Creek ISD 2020 reopening plans

LEAGUE CITY, Texas – Clear Creek Independent School District Superintendent Greg Smith and other district leaders hosted a virtual meeting Thursday for community members to answer questions and address concerns about the district’s plan to reopen schools.

The meeting was held via the Clear Creek ISD website and on Facebook Live, where the video will be available for people who could not tune in to the live stream.

Smith and his team at Clear Creek ISD said they have been working around the clock to ensure the safety of the students, teachers and staff for the upcoming year.

“It’s been a challenge but it’s something we’re excited about and we’re very, very hopeful, that we can take these lemons and make some lemonade out of it,” said Smith.

Clear Creek ISD released its reopening plan on Wednesday. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The school day will be extended by 10 minutes to allow students and staff time to clean and disinfect.
  • Students, staff and visitors must wear face masks as mandated by the state, when social distancing is not possible. “It’s hard for me to wear a mask for eight hours, so I expect the same from kids and staff,” said Smith. “So they’ll have time to take mask breaks as well.”
  • School breakfast and lunches served by the district will be “grab and go.” Students may eat in various locations throughout the building to maximize social distancing.
  • School leaders are working to maximize space in classrooms, and the district is encouraging parents to drive their children to school.
  • Parents will not be permitted to walk students inside the school building beyond the secure vestibule without a mask.
  • Students must wear face masks on school buses. Buses will be cleaned between routes and at the end of each day.
  • As required by the state, if parents don’t feel comfortable sending their kids to school, the district will provide an online learning program, which will mirror a typical school day. “This is not a vacation,” Smith said. “When they get online, it’s real-time learning.”

Parents can read the full reopening plan below:

Whether you’re in the classroom or at home, Smith said it’s time to get back to school.

“Being able to see people and work with people, I think, is really part of the fabric of our society and our democracy,” he said.

The district is sending out surveys to its parents and they have until Aug. 4 to decide on whether to send their children back to the classroom.

Americo Mendez said his daughter will be a freshman this year but the family hasn’t decided yet if she will attend high school in person or opt for online instruction.

“We are still weighing all of the options we want to see what kind of safety measures are in place as far as sanitation of the campuses before we make our decision,” Mendez said.

The first day of school is set for Aug. 18.

For the latest information on Clear Creek ISD’s reopening plan, visit CCISD.net/reopen.

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