This July discount can help Houston’s senior pets find ‘fur’-ever homes, you a new friend

Ellie (Houston Humane Society)

HOUSTON – The Houston Humane Society is offering a big discount throughout the month of July if you decide to adopt an older pet.

The society is sharing a 60% discount on all “senior” animals from the ages 5 years old and up. The Humane Society noted that no appointment is needed to come to the Adoption Center at 14700 Almeda Road, and visit with the adoptable pets. 

“People always want puppies, but seniors make wonderful pets and since many were previously owned many of them are already trained and used to family life so the transition to a new home is easier,” Gary Poon, executive director of the Houston Humane Society, is quoted as saying in a news release about the event.

The Houston Humane Society shared these benefits to owning a “senior” pet:

  • Already potty trained - Unlike having a puppy or kitten, a senior pet is more likely to be potty trained as they have lived in a home for many years already. Yes, they can still have some accidents, but you won’t have to teach them how to potty outside or in a litter box, but probably just remind them.
  • Know some commands - Senior pets have lived life and thus have accumulated some knowledge. Some dogs already know how to sit, stay, come and know their names. Not much time needs to be spent teaching them these basic commands.
  • Less energy - Senior pets have less energy and many need less exercise and won’t display destructive characteristics that come with having too much energy or being a puppy or kitten. However, senior pets still enjoy and need to go out on a long walk to maintain their health and calm mental state.
  • Can still learn new tricks - Don’t worry, an “old” dog can still learn new tricks. A senior pet is still trainable and can adjust well into their new life.

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