Comedian Rickey Smiley’s daughter recovering after being shot during road rage incident in Houston

HOUSTON – Comedian Rickey Smiley’s daughter is recovering after being shot Sunday after she was caught in the crossfire of a road rage incident.

“It’s terrifying, it’s scary. You know, you’re always afraid for your children,” Smiley said.

Houston police said Sunday around 8:45 p.m., two cars were involved in a violent road rage incident. Investigators said it just so happened Smiley’s youngest daughter Aaryn Smiley and her boyfriend were celebrating her 19th birthday and on their way to a Whataburger when Aaryn Smiley said she saw men get out of a car at the South Freeway service road at Holcombe Boulevard.

Police said the car Aaryn Smiley saw was one of the two cars involved in the road rage incident. Investigators said it happened on the 6800 block on the 288 service road. One of the passengers of that car shot at another car, which had three male passengers inside. Investigators said Aaryn Smiley and her boyfriend happened to be driving by and got caught in the crossfire.

Rickey Smiley found out during a break in his radio show.

"I started reading the text messages one by one and that's how I found out," Rickey Smiley said.

He was shocked and heartbroken.

"It's the stuff that we have to live with," Rickey Smiley said.

While Aaryn Smiley’s boyfriend was OK, Aaryn Smiley was shot two times in both legs and was rushed to the hospital.

“She’s really happy and optimistic and happy to be alive. She doesn’t care about the gunshot, she’s just happy to be alive. She probably saw her life flash before her, and her siblings and her grandparents,” Rickey Smiley said.

Rickey Smiley said his daughter will likely need therapy after this terrifying incident, but the family is so glad she is able to survive this shooting. Rickey Smiley mentioned to KPRC 2 that he was also the victim of a shooting in the past and that it was something that mentally affected him for 10 years.

“Whenever I saw anyone who looked like the guys that shot me, I was just terrified,” Rickey Smiley said. “(Aaryn’s) going to need therapy. She’ll probably have anxiety, not wanting to drive but she is optimistic.”

Two others who were directly involved in the road rage incident were injured and are expected to be okay. Houston Police are looking for the shooter who is still on the run. Rickey Smiley said the shooter needs to be held accountable. He had a message to the man who shot his daughter.

“I just hope you just be smarter and make better decisions after you serve your time for victimizing innocent people,” Rickey Smiley said.