Former teammates, supporters remember Vanessa Guillen at new mural in southeast Houston

HOUSTON – Dozens of people remembered Vanessa Guillen during a vigil on Sunday night in front of a new mural in southeast Houston. The artwork honoring the U.S. Army soldier is at Power House gym on Park Terrace Boulevard.

“Just hard to imagine that could’ve happened to her,” said Jewels Hernandez.

Hernandez said she played soccer with Guillen at Chavez High School.

“She was always motivated. She always worked hard. I remember every day coming after school, she was always the first one out there running,” said Hernandez.

Carina Briseno said she played soccer with Guillen as well.

“She was very strong. She was very bold minded,” said Briseno. “She always wanted to be on top and the best that she could be, not only for her but as a team.”

Around the same time that people were leaving flowers and candles in front of the mural, the Guillen family’s attorney said the Army had identified Vanessa’s body.

“I feel for the family, for her mom and as a mother, I do not wish that for anybody,” said Michelle Rodriguez, who attended the vigil.

Rodriguez said she did not know the soldier personally, but wants to see justice for her.

“The only thing that we can do now is to keep fighting for justice and for her voice and everybody else’s voice in the military to be heard,” Rodriguez said.

Others echoed that message.

“We need change and we need justice,” Briseno said.