Lone Star College teams up with Comcast Houston to give students free internet

HOUSTON – The coronavirus pandemic has caused some families to reconsider college plans for their kids.

But Lone Star College wants to help ease the burden.

The Houston North Campus has teamed up with Comcast Houston to offer some students free internet service. And for students who come from low-income homes, they have had it really tough during the pandemic. The program has helped students continue their schoolwork and kept them in school.

Like, Lone Star College student Montoya Thomas. She said she has some big dreams and aspirations.

“I want to graduate college and I want to travel the world,” Thomas said.

Montoya said she has recently aged out of the foster care system, at one time homeless. Before the pandemic, she had to take three buses to get to her campus.

Thomas didn’t have WiFi at home so she would use the library on campus to do her work.

And now thanks to a partnership between Lone Star College a Comcast Houston she doesn’t have to worry about her studies anymore.

“I felt relieved I felt excited because I was still able to reach a goal despite the circumstances,” Thomas said.

As part of the deal, Comcast is giving two months of free internet access to qualifying low-income families.

The college purchased another four months giving students six months of total access for free.

“We believe it’s the right thing to do. It’s a priority of ours to give back to the communities we serve and as an internet service provider it makes sense,” said Michael Bybee, director of external communications for Comcast Houston.

President of Lone Star College Houston North, Dr. Quentin Wright, said a lot of their students also get mentoring, tutoring and help with food.

So this program is just another way of telling students, “we’re still with you.”

“Many of our students are struggling. Some of them are parents so this has been a real challenge for them. We are just grateful we are able to provide this assistance,” Dr. Wright said.

Students can still sign up for the program. Just send a message here: hn-info@lonestar.edu

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