55 construction workers on Texas A&M campus test positive for COVID-19


HOUSTON – The Texas A&M campus is the latest hotspot for COVID-19 after 55 construction workers tested positive for the virus, the construction company confirmed to KPRC 2.

Alabama-based Hoar Construction said more than a third of workers on the university campus — 55 of its 153 workers on-site, including some subcontractors — had tested positive for the virus.

Hoar Construction said the first employee was confirmed to have COVID-19 on June 1, then additional employees tested positive in the days following the first case.

The company said it temporarily suspended work and ordered all of its employees to be tested. Six employees have shown symptoms of the virus, and one of them was briefly hospitalized before being released less than 24 hours after being admitted, according to the company.

Hoar Construction is the general contractor for renovations at Dunn Hall. The company said workers have not been around any students or staff on campus and were confirmed to one area.

Work has since resumed and workers are required to complete health screenings before entering on-site, according to local media reports.

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