New memorial designed by UH Architecture students to commemorate Santa Fe victims

At the entrance of the memorial’s Sacred Space is a dedication that will be inscribed with “We Come Here to Remember.” The break in the retaining wall marks the entrance where the date May 18, 2018 is carved in stone inlaid in the ground. (University of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design)

SANTA FE, Texas – Architecture students at the University of Houston have designed a memorial commemorating the 10 victims of the Santa Fe shooting.

The Santa Fe Memorial Foundation partnered with the students to create the memorial, which will be located at the high school.

The Santa Fe Ten Memorial is intended to be built on the Santa Fe High School campus, a sacred ground that will serve as a connector between the school and the community. (University of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design)

“Our intention is to develop a community memorial for all that incorporates symbolism and artistry and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to honor and value human life,” said Megan Grove, chair of the Santa Fe Ten Memorial Foundation. “We are deeply grateful for the collaboration and support we have received from the participating families, Santa Fe community, UH leaders, faculty and students to design a memorial that is unlike any other.”

According to a news release, the memorial will consist of two main spaces, the “Meditative Grove and the sacred space within it.”

The grove will form an infinite loop, which symbolizes the eternal legacy and spirits of the victims and will give people a place to reflect and prepare before entering the “sacred space.”

In the sacred space, there will be 10 feathers, each folded differently to represent the age and coordinates of each victim’s birthplace or hometown. In the center, there will be a stone inscribed with the words, “Defined not by a day, but instead by the strength within us.”

Each monument will be adorned by memories provided by family members in order to give visitors insight into who each person was, according to the news release.

Once complete, the memorial will be open 24/7. Fundraising efforts by the memorial foundation are now underway.

Click here to learn more about the Santa Fe Memorial Foundation or to give a donation.

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