Houston business owner claims she is getting death threats after hacker posted racist messages on instagram

HOUSTON – A Houston business owner claims she is receiving death threats and is in fear for her life after a hacker posted racist messages about African Americans on her business Instagram page.

Jessica Hatch, the owner of Infinity Diagnostics Center, said she and her business are being falsely painted as racist.

"It's just horrible," Hatch said. "Like I feel like I'm literally being attacked."

Several racist messages were posted on Hatch’s business Instagram stories Thursday afternoon.

"Here at Infinity we do not support African Americans. If we kept them picking cotton we wouldn't be having these issues with them" read one of the posts.

“We do not employ African American individuals. The things going on right now is a clear example that they do not know how to behave," another read.

Hatch completely denied she had anything to do with any of those posts.

“This is an account I have not had access to for about six weeks, maybe longer,” said Hatch.

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