Local restaurants temporarily close after coronavirus cases

HOUSTON – After years of planning and plenty of prep work, Millie’s Kitchen and Cocktails finally opened its doors.

The business was only doing curbside orders though because when they opened, it also happened to be right in the middle of a pandemic.

“We’re just trying to adapt to it all and make it work out," said Christopher Jones, Millie’s co-owner.

But the owners said just as the business was getting going, about two months later, an employee reported having COVID-19 like symptoms. For the safety of staff and customers, the business decided to temporarily close.

“We hated to have to do it, but we think it was the best thing to do because we don’t want to put our staff in jeopardy or our customers," Jones said.

Another restaurant in Spring, also choosing to temporarily shut down because of coronavirus. According to Fu Manchung’s Facebook page, they’re closing for two weeks after an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

The post also adding while it was a tough decision, the safety of employees and patrons was of utmost importance. Meantime, FM Kitchen and Bar is once again welcoming back customers following a temporary closure. The restaurant’s Facebook page stating an employee had COVID-like symptoms.

The post also stating before re-opening the business took additional safety precautions like deep cleaning and testing all employees before they returned.

“Our customers have been amazing so far, they’re completely supportive and understanding and so they’re all just waiting for us to reopen,” said Ken Bridge, another co-owner of Millie’s.

Millie’s is also taking extra measures to ensure safety as they look forward to re-opening. The restaurant is planning to be back in business by the end of the month.

“We ran into this situation, but I think we handled it the right way and we’re looking forward to reopening,” Jones said.

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