Silent Kingwood protest for George Floyd prompts community discussion

KINGWOOD – This Kingwood protest is taking a different approach from the ones we’ve seen and heard over the last week.

Community members hosted a silent protest at the intersection of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Parkway on Saturday.

“Sometimes silence does speak louder than words,” said organizer Jay Theis.

Dozens of people participated. They held up signs with a names of a various black men or women who were killed in the last five years by police. Among the long list of names was Houston native George Floyd.

“Being a black female and seeing that young man call for his mom that tore me apart,” said Lillie Fontenot, regarding the video of Floyd’s final moments.

Others stood silent for the same cause.

“I’m just here to honor the memory of George Floyd and Eric Garner and all black men and women who died unjustly by police brutality,” said resident Daniel Martin.

Theis said as a white man he has no idea how people in the black community are dealing with issues of race, police brutality and injustice. He believed the protest would be a good first step to make his community more aware.

"One thing I think is very important here is white Americans because we often don’t understand what African Americans are going through,” Theis said. "We really need to spend some time listening to their experiences. And if we listen we will understand.”