HPD: Pedestrian struck by car and killed while trying to cross West Loop

A female pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle Sunday morning while trying to cross the West Loop after an Uber driver dropped her off of the wrong side of the freeway, according to authorities.

Shortly after 3 a.m. Sunday, a female pedestrian attempted to cross the southbound lanes of 610 near Alabama Street when she was struck by a vehicle near the lane closest to the shoulder, HPD Commander Kevin Deese said.

The vehicle driver recognized that they hit something but did not know what it was that they hit. The driver proceeded to the next exit, pulled over, called the police and reported that they were involved in a collision, Deese said. The driver was evaluated for any signs of impairment.

An individual who had been with the women prior to the crash told investigators an Uber driver dropped the woman off on the wrong side of the freeway, Deese said.

“The preliminary information from him is that an Uber driver dropped her off on the wrong side of the freeway, so that he knew she was going to try and cross the freeway, and he actually heard the collision. So, when units got here, he was on scene apparently trying to perform CPR, but it was unfortunately too late,” Deese said.

Once on the scene, emergency crews pronounced the woman deceased.

“It’s unfortunately a problem that we see occur way to often in the city,” Deese said.

It’s not yet known if the driver will face charges.

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