Local woman disgusted by online registry shaming white women who date black men

Woman says she found herself on registry with photos, information

Website shames white women for relationships with black men
Website shames white women for relationships with black men

A Houston-area woman and her husband are searching for answers after being targeted for her husband’s race. Her photos and information were posted to a website shaming white women and men for relationships with black men and women.

Krysinda and Robert Tyler were disgusted to see the premise of the website.

“As a human being, it’s just disgusting,” Krysinda said. “It was pretty nasty. It was pretty hateful, and there are a lot of people on there.”

“I couldn’t believe it. It was just so over the top,” Robert said.

The website, which KPRC is choosing not to publish, describes itself as “a free public registry for men to help them find out if their current or prospective romantic partner has a history of dating black men,” according to the site.

She was notified about her presence on the site after she had made a public post supporting the black community.

“An individual I don’t know commented and kind of laughed at what he called my ‘black pride’ and said ‘We all know about it." He posted the link,” Krysinda said.

The site had dozens of pictures of white women and a few men, along with racist messages and direct links to the people’s social media accounts.

“It needs to be shut down. It needs to be stopped,” Robert said.

But the site indicates in its FAQ section that anyone who tries to remove their name will have a difficult time.

“In short it will be very difficult," the website wrote. "All information on [website] is public information. We do not publish extremely personal information... that could risk the safety of anyone in our registry.”

“It’s atrocious. I mean not only are we in this huge prolific movement right now with Black Lives Matter but this is just-- maybe it’s the right time for this to be exposed,” Krysinda said.

KPRC's legal analyst, Brian Wice, weighed in on the legality of the website.

“No matter how vile, vicious, divisive or despicable we may think this website is, it remains protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution,” Wice said.

The Tylers said this won’t stop them from speaking out.

“Don’t give up. Fight. And for those on the other side...Just listen. Hear somebody out. Don’t be so quick to go to judgment,” Robert said.

This couple who has been married for two months said they are stronger than ever.

“We’re best friends,” Krysinda laughed.

“Madly in love. Madly in love,” Robert laughed.

They said they want better for their future children and the generations to come.

“It’s just heartbreaking but let that be a catalyst to motivate you for fighting and standing up for making a change. We have to change. This is not the kind of future our kids can have,” Krysinda said.