5 ways to save energy and lower your electricity bill

HOUSTON – We are moving into some of the hottest days of summer. That usually means higher electricity bills. Now with more people at home more often, you need to find ways to cut back on the amount of electricity you’re using. These five steps are a good start.

Since your HVAC system accounts for 46% of your electricity bill, you can save the most money by adjusting your thermostat. If you set it to 78 degrees in the summer, you can lower the room temperature by another four degrees by using your ceiling fan.

Clean air filters help your A/C run more smoothly and use less electricity. Set a reminder in your phone to change your filters every three months.

If long hot showers are your way of relaxing, you should know they’re also expensive. If two people in your house cut their shower time by just one minute, you could save you more than $30 a year.

Switching that laundry wash setting from hot water to cold can save you another $22.

And speaking of laundry, toss a dry towel in with your load to help significantly reduce drying times. If you’re doing seven loads a week, you could save $27 a week.

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