'We fell for it’: Retired couple duped out of $20K by woman claiming to be their granddaughter

Scammers take $20K from retired couple
Scammers take $20K from retired couple

Emmitt Sapp, 77, and his 70-year-old wife Margarita Sapp, of northeast Harris County, said they are beyond embarrassed after they were duped into handing over a third of their retirement savings to criminals.

Believing their 26-year-old granddaughter was hurt and in legal trouble, they said they let their emotions get the best of them, without asking the right questions, which is something the criminals were counting on.

1. How were the Sapps’ contacted?

They received a phone call back in February from a woman claiming to be their 26-year-old granddaughter, who is in the United States Army stationed in North Carolina.

2. What did she say?

The woman told the Sapps’ she’d been in a wreck, hit a pregnant woman after she’d been drinking and needed $3,000 bail money. She explained that she was calling from a different number because her cellphone had been damaged in the wreck.

She said she had a busted lip and injured her nose and that it was difficult for her to talk.

3. How did the Sapps’ respond?

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