What Houston-area summer camps are doing during the pandemic

What Houston-area summer camps are doing during the pandemic
  • Gov. Greg Abbott gave Texas summer camps the green light on Monday. The announcement that camps could open beginning May 31 has coordinators and parents scrambling to plan, and in most cases, redesign camps that have been operating in the same way for decades.

HOUSTON – “This year was definitely a challenge because we were all waiting to see what the state says, what the city says… you know, what’s going to happen,” explained Ignite Your Life Texan Sarah Gish.

This year, she’s picked about a dozen for her website that are still open and registering kids.

“The ones that are opening live, they’re doing probably 25 to 50% enrollment,” Gish said. “They’re limiting it.”

If you want to send your child to summer camp, Gish says you should call now and register as soon as possible.

You will find camps are doing one of these things:

  • Canceling the entire camp
  • Canceling early summer sessions with a late start at the end of June or beginning of July
  • Holding virtual camp sessions online for a lower fee

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