91 additional drug convictions connected to officer charged in Harding Street raid to be overturned

HOUSTON – Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced Thursday that nearly 100 more defendants who were convicted as part of a case made by former Houston police Officer Gerald Goines will be cleared.

Goines has been charged with murder and tampering with a government record following the botched Harding Street raid that left Rhogena Nicholas, Dennis Tuttle and the couple’s dog dead. Four officers were also injured.

As a result of the investigation into the raid, Ogg said prosecutors have reviewed several of Goines’ cases and will be overturning at least 91 additional convictions.

“We will continue to work to clear people convicted solely on the word of a police officer who we can no longer trust,” Ogg said. “We are committed to making sure the criminal justice is fair and just for everyone.”

According to Ogg, prosecutors have filed motions asking for lawyers to be assigned to people who were arrested in cases where Goines obtained warrants by “swearing-in affidavits to get the permission of judges for searches of homes and other locations.”

“If the magistrate who Goines asked to sign a warrant to permit the raid on Harding Street had known of his history of lies and deception, he would not have signed it, and Rhogena and Dennis would likely still be alive today,” Ogg said.”

The District Attorney’s office said it anticipates having to clear a total of 164 cases. According to Ogg, 73 cases where Goines was the only witness were previously overturned.

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