'I got stage 4 cancer’: Owner in need of help after 20+ animals seized from home

Owner fighting stage 4 cancer

HOUSTON – Humane Society investigators and Harris County Precinct 5 deputy constables arrived at the house in the 5700 block of Enyart Street Tuesday morning to seize neglected dogs and cats. During the seize, officials discovered that the owners of the animals were also in need of help.

Officials found that six dogs and 21 cats were being kept in the kitchen and a bedroom, some in cages, others chained.

“They were found chained in the kitchen area, they were found chained in the bedroom. No food or water. But the animals do seem to be in fair condition,” said Angelina Saucedo, with the Houston Humane Society.

The animals belong to Garald Sears and his wife, Eileen. Both are in their late 50s. They say they both suffer from severe medical problems. Garald Sears has cancer and Eileen suffers from a disabling hernia.

“I got stage four cancer,” Garald Sears said. “And I’m dying, and they want to cut my arm off.

Sears, a former house painter, spends his days confined to a hospital bed in the dilapidated house. He said he’s been trying to find homes for the animals as his health has declined and as the couple struggles to get by on his monthly $1,100 a month disability payment.

“We just did what we had to do to keep them alive,” he said. “And they’re not malnourished, they eat every single day. So they’re not malnourished, they’re in good shape."

When he was asked if he has any problem with the Humane Society taking them and have them evaluated, Garald said, “I need them to take them now, because I can’t help. My health won’t allow me to do it and I can’t put it all on her.”

Neighbors said they’ve tried to help the couple out with food delivers during the pandemic, but more help is needed.

“ Financially I know they’re in some bad shape,” said Moma Sonia, a neighbor. “He can’t work and she can’t work.”

The animals were taken to the Houston Humane shelter for evaluation. Investigators said they all appear to be good shape and could eventually be eligible for adoption.

As for the Sears, deputies contacted social services agencies to get them help, and friends are planning to set up a GoFundMe fundraiser for them to try to raise money to supplement their meager income.