Houston-area RV rentals spike as families seek to vacation safely amid coronavirus fears

HOUSTON – Houston-area RV rental companies are seeing a spike in business as families look for good, old-fashioned ways to take a vacation while being safe amid coronavirus concerns.

According to rvshare.com, RV rentals are up more than 600%.

Kingwood Cruise America RV dealer, Randy Koshnick said his business has definitely seen a spike in calls for RV rentals. Typically receiving a few calls a day, Koshnick said he received more than 20 calls to rent RVs on Saturday alone.

“I’m seeing more people calling for the smaller ones where before it was larger families that wanted the bigger RVs that would handle six or more people which would normally stay at a hotel," Koshnick said.

Learn more about how you can rent an RV for a family road trip in the video above.

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