Trust Index: Is website that promises extra $800 stimulus payment legitimate?

Here are ways to avoid scam sites offering you another stimulus check.

HOUSTON – A Houston woman reached out to KPRC 2 after she said her friend signed up on a website to get an extra $800 stimulus payment. Kelly Thomas said the website asks for your social security number. When her friend typed his in, he got a message that he was approved for the extra $800 bonus.

“Is there really an extra $800 out there for everybody?” Thomas asked consumer expert Amy Davis.

The Internal Revenue Service and our Trust Index said no. This is false.

It’s exactly why the Treasury Department has warned consumers of scams and fake websites trying to trick you into giving up your personal information.

“My concern is if he put his social security out there on this website, what if the website isn’t real and people have his social security number now and are using, you know, identify theft?” Thomas said.

Thomas said her friend received his $1,200 stimulus check, but not the extra $800. He is now out a $300 because that is what he paid for Lifelock since he gave someone his social security number.

If you want to reach the IRS or use any of its tools or “where’s my payment” apps, you should always start at and navigate to where you want to go within that original site.

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After review, we've found this information is Not True.

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