Woman accused of driving drunk with baby in car, police say

A woman is accused of driving drunk with a baby in her car, police said.

HOUSTON – A woman accused of drunk driving while a baby was in the car is now in custody.

Police said the incident happened on Friday at around 3:50 a.m. when an HPD DWI Task Force unit was behind a vehicle driving all over the roadway on I-10.

Police said an officer initiated a traffic stop and pulled the vehicle over at the McKee/Hardy exit. According to officers, the female driver was detained on suspicion of DWI.

Police said a 1-year-old child was found in the vehicle and was transported off the freeway by another HPD unit. Officers said the driver and her vehicle were taken off the freeway to the 700 block of McKee, where she was then arrested for DWI and was taken to jail.

A caretaker took custody of the child, officers said.

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