WATCH: How fast germs, including COVID-19 can spread in buffet-style restaurants

Germs, simulated in invisible paint that can be seen in black light gives volunteers a shock once the lights turn off. (Courtesy of NHK News Japan)

Japanese broadcasting station NHK News conducted an experiment that showed how fast germs, especially COVID-19 can spread when visiting a buffet-style restaurant.

The experiment was in collaboration with experts which simulated a cruise ship buffet involving 10 volunteers. Of the 10 volunteers, one person was designated as “patient zero," where they were given fluorescent paint on their skin only visible to ultraviolet light, according to NHK News.

For 30 minutes, the 10 participants enjoyed the free buffet until the lights turned off. A black light emitted where the fluorescent paint was spread, leaving the participants shocked.

Experts confirmed that germs can spread without awareness as the paint appeared to be everywhere.

According to NHK, frequently changing utensils and catering dishes and encouraging visitors to wash their hands helped minimized the spread.

The experiment video came after several countries, including the U.S. start reopening procedures after two months of lockdown.

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