Toddler taken in stolen SUV found safe, police say

HOUSTON – A 2-year-old child was found safe after an SUV was stolen with the child inside, police said.

Police said they received a call at around 9:20 a.m. Thursday about a vehicle that was stolen.

According to officers, the baby’s mother went into a Walgreens located in the 13190 block of Bellaire Boulevard while the child was still in the vehicle. A DPS helicopter and HPD officers then proceeded to look for the SUV.

Shortly after, officers said they were called to the 12100 block of Alief Clodine Road after a man said he found the child. Police said the child was unharmed.

“He was here for an hour but apparently right after they robbed the car, they dropped him off here and they left," said Reyna Santos whose family found the child.

Santos said the child was attempting to cross the street and was carrying his mother’s phone.

“He was scared, he was crying a lot. You could see he was lost but he got to calm down with my mom," Santos said.

The vehicle has not been located. Police said there is other information known at this time.

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